BackStroke Start Ledge (LBH) BackStroke Handle Attachment



The Patented Anti Wave BackStroke Start Ledge provides a simple and easy to use Ledge for swimmers to perform highest performance backstroke starts in both training and competition.

Designed in close collaboration with the Australian BackStroke swim team and top level Australian coaches, the ledge is simple to install and adjust by the swimmer or coach while in the pool or on the pool deck.

The Ledge locks securely into place once set, and is quickly removed from the Block when used in competition or training.


  • Connects easily to BackStroke Handles
  • Designed and produced in Australia
  • Easily adjustable settings for training and competition
  • Fixed settings for competition events (as used in FINA WCH 2019)
  • Heavy duty Marine Nylon straps, rated to 13kN
  • Custom moulded Anti-Slip surface
  • Durable Nylon Pool wall protectors on rear of ledge
  • Quick easy removal from block during competition
  • FINA Compliant and suitable for FINA and equivalent competition


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Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 70 × 12 × 7 cm

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