Anti Wave Global

Anti Wave are the global leaders in the design, innovation and supply of Competition Swimming, Water Polo, Pool Deck, Leisure and Pool Programming equipment.

Anti Wave products are based on over 50 years of product research and innovation and are designed and tested in Australia and are made to withstand the harshest environmental conditions for many years of reliable service.

Anti Wave competition swimming and polo equipment was first used at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, and has been used extensively in aquatic facilities and pools around the world since.
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Anti Wave has a long and tested history with 50 years of highest quality products, customer service and product innovation and development around the world.

The Anti Wave Starting Block Moveable Track Start System was first Patented in 2002, and featured for the first time in International Competition in our SuperBlock 800 at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  This was the first international installation of the TrackStart Block for swimming competition in the world. The Movable Track Start System has now become the industry standard design for starting blocks around the world.

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