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When performance counts, pools choose Anti Wave top performance aquatic equipment.

Anti Wave is dedicated to the design, innovation and production of the world’s finest performance swimming, water polo, leisure, pool deck and pool programming equipment.

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Founded in 1971 by former professional Waterpolo player and current 2017 FINA Masters 70+ Goalie Anti Kajlich (below), Anti Wave equipment was first selected for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, as well as the 1st World Aquatics Championships in Cali, Colombia in 1975.

Since then Anti Wave has lead the world in product innovation and development and Anti Wave products are selected for top facilities including Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games Aquatic Venues, FINA World Cup Venues, National Swim and Polo Championships and countless national, regional, state and local aquatic facilities around the world.

Today Anti Wave continue to supply the worlds best Aquatic Sports products, with focus on the highest quality designs and best value products available to all swimmers, athletes, and facility managers in each country around the world.

Anti Wave Global currently has Licensed production in 8 countries and Anti Wave products are exported to over 150 countries. Anti Wave continues work hard to make our products readily available to an expanding number of countries, and provide the best quality, top performance, and best value for money aquatic sports equipment around the world.

Anti Wave innovations continue to today including the first international development and installation of the TrackStart Starting Block, Patented in 2002 and featured in the FINA Approved SuperBlock 800 Model – installed for the first time in International Competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Track Start Block is now included in swimming starting blocks around the world.

Anti Wave Water MAXI Racing Lanes set the standard for Top Competition Swimming Racing Lanes and are unmatched in terms of quality, design and advanced wave calming effect. Since Anti Wave supplied the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 with the first incarnation of the Anti Wave MAXI Racing Lane there have been many inferior copies of our lanes and equipment. Having undergone constant improvement and innovation, our Patented design MIDI and MAXI Anti Wave Racing Lanes are produced to the highest technical and material specifications and their advanced wave calming effect continues to lead the way around the world.

Since the release of the original Anti Goal in 1972 at the Munich Olympic Games, Anti Wave have been at the forefront of the innovation, development and supply of top performance water polo competition and training equipment around the world.

Anti Wave water polo products have been selected at top national and international events since this time, and are also a favourite for the equally important smaller club, school and local water polo training and competition facilities around the world.

Anti Wave Water Polo products include Water Polo Goals, Water Polo Playing Fields, Referee Walkways including Goal Judge Station with Ball holders and Officials Platforms, Ball Start Sets for competition game starts, Team Players Benches & Inflatable Polo BackStop with Advertising. Relevant competition product comply fully with current FINA/LEN regulations.

With over 50 years of equipping the worlds finest water polo venues, Anti Wave are well positioned to make your facility or competition a success no matter the size – from the smallest club venues to the top international competitions

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When performance counts, pools choose Anti Wave equipment.

Anti Wave equipment has been selected for the Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008, London 2012 Olympic Games, UK. Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, 2017 South East Asian Games, KL. 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Australia. 2019 FINA World League Inter-Continental Cup, Perth, AUS. 2019 South East Asian Games Venue Philippines. 2020 FINA World Junior Men’s Water Polo Championships, Kuwait. 2021 USA WaterPolo Junior Olympics, California, USA. Official Polo Goals and Polo Field lines for USA Water Polo, USA 2020-2024.

Our range caters to both local club pools, as well as large International Aquatic Facilities. Our products are the direct result of over 45 years of research and development, and represent the benchmark for quality and innovation in our field.

Anti Wave Performance Swimming Racing Lanes were first patented in 1975 and used in the first World Swimming Championship in the same year. Since then Anti Wave products have continued to set the standard around the world for product quality and design and innovation.

Our best selling Anti Wave MAXI Swimming Racing Lane was designed specifically for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Since this date the MAXI Racing Lane has undergone constant improvement to arrive to our current and best model. The Anti Wave MAXI Racing lane has been installed in most top aquatic centres around the world including FINA World Cup, Olympic Games and National Championship events venues.

Anti Wave products are designed in Australia and produced to withstand the harsh climate and conditions found in many pools around the world.

Aquatic sports are very close to our heart at Anti Wave, given our long history providing top equipment, and our own close involvement in the sport of Water Polo since the 1960’s.

At Anti Wave, we not only design and innovate the best aquatic sports products in the world, we also use them ourselves. We work closely with top swimming and water polo coaches and athletes for research and development to stay ahead of the game in product innovation and development.

With our long history in the provision of top performance aquatic sports, leisure, and pool programming product design and manufacture, Anti Wave is well positioned to meet the needs of a dynamic and exciting industry.

Our full International HQ website is available at www.anti.to.

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