AWE392 SNR Global Anti Goal 1.2m



AWE392 – SNR Global Anti Goal 1.2m      

Download the AWE392 SNR Global Anti Goal 1.2m Pdf Brochure Click here

The AWE392 1.2m is our most popular model.

The 2021 release of the ‘Global Anti Goal’ represents the culmination of 50 years of experience in Goal innovation, design and production, drawing on a long and rich Anti Wave tradition.

Made in Australia.



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AWE392 – SNR Global Anti Goal 1.2m      

Download the AWE392 SNR Global Anti Goal 1.2m Pdf Brochure Click here

The AWE392 1.2m is our most popular model.

The 2021 release of the ‘Global Anti Goal’ represents the culmination of 50 years of experience in Goal innovation, design and production, drawing on a long and rich Anti Wave tradition.

The Global Anti Goal blends cutting edge materials and production with innovative design, resulting in a heavy duty, compact, full sized Polo Goal that meets the needs of all Clubs and Facilities around the world.

The AWE392 SNR Global Anti Goal is the most popular model in the New Global Anti Goal range.

The AWE392 is suitable for all clubs and pools with the practical and compact 1.2m side depth, and FINA standard 3m x 0.9m Front Frame. Suitable for competition and training.

The Global Anti Goals have shipped by UPS Air Courier to 45 countries, since their release in mid 2021.

Designed and produced in Australia.

Complete range of spare parts available and in stock.

The innovative packing and design ensure lowest possible freight pricing, enabling direct shipment to top global polo clubs and facilities including top clubs in Australia, Europe, Americas and Asia.

Official Polo Goal of USA Water Polo, and selected for USA Water Polo Junior Olympics 2022.

Now exported to 45 Countries since its release in Mid 2021, including top Clubs and Facilities in Australia, Asia, Europe and Americas.

Flat rate Global Air Courier shipping available @ USD330 per Goal to most OECD Countries.
(See image lower below showing 2pc Goals ready for UPS Air Courier Shipment)
Designed, tested and produced in Australia.


Global Anti Goal Testimonials:

Nicola Johnson, FINA Polo Referee (Tokyo Olympic Referee 2021), said of the new goal:

“The new Global Anti Goal is the best goal I have seen in over 30 years of water polo, it is light weight (one person can put the goal in and out of the pool), it is very durable and I love the training rod along the back of the goal that allows for balls to be stored in the back of the net during training sessions, this is such a great inclusion, go easy for the GK to reach for a ball when needed.”


John Whitehouse, Honorary Secretary of FINA Water Polo Technical Committee 1996-2017 said:

“Well done team Anti Wave! I don’t know why I would expect anything else! Well done again!”


John Hilebrand, Lecturer and Polo Coach at Colorado Mesa University, USA said:

The new Goals went together easy and we just love them. One of the big issues for the guy who manages the pool is that our old Anti goals were big, heavy and took up deck space. They also got in the way of emergency access. We hung these on “garden tool hangers”. I can lift them easily with one hand and carry them around. Thanks again, John’

Prof. Dr. George Stransky, Anchorage, Alaska

1964 Tokyo Olympics Goalie for USA

FINA Masters 70+ Gold Montreal 1974

Concerning our new Anti Global Goals, we LOVE

– light, durable, well constructed, quality product

– the rear cord that holds many balls

– the perfect float of the cage

– the fact that it folds up

– its good looks

Warm Regards



Mr Tom Hoad, AM, cit WA, BA (UWA)

Australian Olympic Representative Rome 1960

Captain Australian Olympic Team 1964, 1968, 1972

Coach Australian Olympic Team 1976, 1980, 1984

Charman Organising Committee FINA World Champs Perth 1991 & 1998.

I can not recommend the new Anti Wave Aluminium Goal highly enough as its revolutionary design makes it the best water polo goal I have ever seen in almost 70 years of international water polo in all 5 continents.

The new goal is made in Australia by Anti & Anton Kajlich, who have been making goals since 1972 Munich Olympics. The only way Anti has been able to produce an economic goal in Australia is by investing heavily in Aluminium extrusions and Nylon dies. This investment in top class non corrosive materials makes the goal very endurable in marine and chlorinated water.

The new Anti Aluminium Goal’s main outstanding attribute is its light weight which can easily be carried by one adult or two young players. Its light weight and steadiness in the water while it folds easily and has some other unique features.

The one I like the most is when as a Coach you are refereeing a training game, and a shot at goal is missed by one of the teams there is a wire restraining spare balls in the back of the goal and so the opposing goalie can simply reach for one of the balls, to continue with the game and the goal throw immediately and capitalise on any counter attack that may ensue from the missed goal shot.

It conforms completely with FINA specifications.

I am enthusiastically endorsing this new water polo goal and I testify that I am receiving no financial or other incentive to do so but simply because I believe it is a fantastic product for the sport of Water Polo.

Tom Hoad, Canberra, Australia, 2021

AWE392 Global Anti Goal – Specifications:

Download the AWE392 Global Anti Goal 1.2m Pdf Brochure Click here

  • AWE392 has 1.2m side depth with 750mm distance between side goal anchors.
  • Full sized FINA Compliant Front Frame dimensions: 3m x 0.9m.
  • Anchor positions for 750mm wide anchor positions.
  • Full sized World Aquatics Compliant/LEN Front Frame dimensions: 3m x 0.9m.
  • AWE392 1.2m has 1.2m side depth to suit most global pools (AWE392 is our most popular global model)
  • Total weight is 29kg. Safe and simple one person movement into and out of pool
  • Anchor positions for both 750mm wide anchor positions.
  • Heavy Duty powder coated ALU construction with an Innovative compact design
  • Foldable, take down design for compact and safe poolside storage.
  • Thick and comfortable hi-vis external carry handles ensure safe deck movement.
  • Includes highest quality HD Black ‘Long Life’ Net, best in class.
  • Open corner net configuration reduces ball rebound.
  • Marine Nylon Net Clips ensure a solid connection between Net and Goal
  • Compact & Light weight, heavy-duty design and construction.
  • Rear HDPE Foam Bumpers ensure no damage to pool deck and edge tiles
  • Durable oversized HD PE Side Flotation elements rest on the pool concourse, ensuring no damage to pool edge and tiles, or scraping of the Goal body during Install or removal.
  • HD Polymer Bows allow quick disconnect of lower rear frame to goal top frame for compact folding and storage.
  • Comprehensive list of spare parts available including Nets.
  • Designed, tested and produced in Australia
  • Folds easily for compact pool-side storage and small storage footprint
  • High quality marine grade S316 Eye loops for attachment of either one or two side Lane Lines each side.
  • Excellent stability during game play through oversized specially designed Foam elements
  • Low freight volume and weight ensure economic Global Land and Air Freight
  • Now shipped to 47 countries since release in mid 2021.
  • 2023 Official Polo Goal of USA Water Polo
  • All parts designed and produced in Australia.
  • We stock a full list of spares each and every Goal part for ultimate product support

Additional information

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 156 × 22 × 17 cm
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